walk, run, bike, bus x 10 = free yoga
Get to yoga 10 times without your car and get 1 free class! Pick up a card at the studio to track your visits.

Bike Share
A bike share hub is located just across the street from Santa Monica Yoga! More information at

For more information about bike share offerings in the area, visit

Behind our building
We have limited parking, accessible from the alley. It is OK to tandem park in these spaces as long as you are willing to move your car if needed. Please do not leave your car in these spaces after your class ends, even if you are visiting a neighboring business (coffee shop, grocery store, etc.)

Please do not park in spaces reserved for neighboring businesses. Your car could be towed! Please do not park in the spaces reserved for the Bike Shop or SMY Instructor/Staff.

Moose Lodge Parking
Parking for Santa Monica Yoga is available at the Moose Lodge, on our block at the corner of 16th Street at 1600 Ocean Park Blvd.


  • Monday through Friday - Daytime and Evening Parking OK
    Note that parking on Thursday and Friday evenings maybe limited due to scheduled events at Moose Lodge.
  • Saturday until 3:00 pm
  • Sunday No Parking at Moose Lodge
  • Park only in numbered spaces:
    • 1-10, in the square lot behind the Moose Lodge
    • 15 - 24, angled spots along the side of the Moose Lodge
  • Cars parked in any other spaces or at unauthorized times will be towed.
  • Place a Santa Monica Yoga schedule or other note in your dash to indicate you are a yoga student.

Street/Neighborhood Parking
Many of the streets in the surrounding neighborhood have permit parking only. Check the signs, but most of these restrictions do not apply on the weekend, beginning at 5:00 pm on Friday. Be sure to also check signs for street cleaning and other restrictions.

A recent tour of the neighborhood found the following areas are not permit restricted (updated 5/12/16):

  • Ocean Park Blvd
    • North side between 14th and 17th: 2 hour parking 9am-6pm Mon-Fri
      unrestricted after 4pm and all day Sat & Sun
    • South side between 16th and 17th: 1 hour parking 9am-6pm Mon-Sat
      unrestricted after 5pm and all day Sun
    • South side between 14th and 16th
    • Both sides east of 17th: metered parking, ends at 6:00 pm
  • 16th Street
    • North of Ocean Park on both sides along schoolyard: 2 hour parking 9am-2pm, unrestricted after 4pm
    • South of Ashland (3 blocks south of Ocean Park)
  • 17th Street
    • North of Ocean Park on the west side along schoolyard between Pine and Maple: 2 hour parking 9am-2pm, unrestricted after 4pm
    • North of Ocean Park on the west side along schoolyard between Maple and Ocean Park: 2 hour parking 7am-4pm, unrestricted after 4pm
  • 17th & 18th Streets: South of Pier (4 blocks south of Ocean Park)

  • Oak Street (1 block south of Ocean Park): west of Euclid (13th) and east of 23rd

  • Hill Street (2 blocks south of Ocean Park): west of Euclid (13th) and east of 23rd

  • Ashland Ave (3 blocks south of Ocean Park)
    • 2 hours parking between 16th and 17th (along park only)
    • West of 16th
  • 14th and Euclid (13th) Streets: south of Hill (2 blocks south of Ocean Park)
  • 23rd Street: south of Oak (1 block south of Ocean Park)

Santa Monica Yoga ~ 1640 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica CA ~ 310-396-4040