Note: Class size for Tuesday/Thursday 6:00 pm class is limited. Please sign up in advance and arrive early. Reservations will be held until class start time, then released to any waiting students. Your account will be charged for reserved classes not attended or late arrival. You may cancel a reservation up to 45 minutes before class start time.


Deborah Raoult is a yoga and Continuum Movement teacher whose primary interest is exploring the dynamics of breath and motion as gateways to freedom. Her expertise is working with women throughout the life stages. She has a special passion for the childbearing cycle. Her focus supports women and their families, celebrating pregnancy, labor and parenting as powerful rites of passage that transform our relationship to body, community and the Earth. Deborah's twenty-five years of experience includes presenting at the Yoga Journal conference and offering pre and postnatal yoga teacher training. For more information visit


Rachelle Luczynski
Rachelle is honored to be a therapeutics, prenatal and postnatal yoga instructor. She is also a birth and postpartum doula. Her goal is to empower and educate women and families about the expansive, amazing journey of pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

In her teaching, Rachelle draws on years of experience and study to support women’s health – mentally, emotionally, and physically. Her classes seek to create community while preparing women for birth by spending time in the poses used during labor, with breath. The yoga breath and alignment is also a great support for holding a baby and being centered in a mother’s wisdom. Rachelle teaches private lessons and public classes and workshops in Los Angeles.


Laura Kachergus 
A teacher since 2001, Laura discovered her love of teaching prenatal students after the birth of her first child. Now a mom of two, Laura sees this life cycle as a short, precious time and seeks to guide her students to find comfort and ease in their daily-changing bodies. Each class includes a short period for awareness through breath, followed by a series of dynamic sequences, including daily practices for physical comfort, concluding with restorative poses to rest the body and mind. Ideally students will come away with a few practices that can be done daily to maintain comfort, ease and rest.

Laura completed her first teacher training with Anusara’s John Friend, followed by Dana Flynn and Amy Ippoliti at Laughing Lotus in NYC. She offers this class as a way for mamas to connect to themselves – through body, breath and baby and also their community. Welcome!

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