Pilates & Other Styles


Pilates Supports Your Yoga Practice

Pilates emphasizes movements requiring the use of core muscles (the deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, buttock muscles, and muscles closest to the spine), and is a system of strength and stretching exercises developed in the 20th century by Joseph Pilates.  He believed that strength gains need to be balanced by flexibility, and that a body out of balance is not in a dynamic state of health. Drawing heavily on yogic principles, Pilates was a huge step forward for western physical wellness.  Pilates requires a conscious engagement of the core musculature to support the stabilization of the shoulder girdle, ribcage and pelvis, while controlling the limbs and the upper body during the proper execution of movement.

Pilates translates into everyday life by helping support proper postural alignment thus making the body more efficient for daily activity and helping prevent injury. With increased strength and awareness in your core you will find a new understanding and ease in your yoga practice. While the two practices differ, yoga and Pilates share some core principles and benefits for bringing a body into health and balance. The practices are both based on a connection between body, mind and breath, and emphasize the concept that you can't do right for one without the others. Both practices focus on strength and flexibility from the inside, which transfers out to all aspects of your health, increasing overall fitness by raising body awareness, power and resiliency. Pilates can also be a useful rehabilitative practice when injury prevents you from doing yoga.

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