New Class! Feldenkrais®️ for Optimal Movement with Stacy Barrows


Wednesdays, 12:30-1:30 pm, starting July 24

Feldenkrais® classes are movement lessons that work slowly and systematically to organize new patterns of movement. Drawing on neuroscience and martial arts, these classes integrate mind and body through movement puzzles to update old habits. This method does not correct one’s movement, but allows exploration with guided attention to support the student’s learning. Whether those activities are as simple as standing or sitting, or as complex as throwing an opponent in judo, Feldenkrais helps people develop a level of competency and refinement that can reduce pain, improve posture and enhance any performance.

Dr. Stacy Barrows, is a Physical Therapist, Feldenkrais® Practitioner and PMA Pilates Instructor. Stacy owns Smart Somatic Solutions, Inc., an independent clinic serving West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and surrounding communities. She specializes in movement re-education, Pilates and integrative rehab, conditioning and sports training. She is the creator of the Smartroller®, and sister products, LINKS and SITS. She also authored "The Smartroller Guide to Optimal Movement", second edition, based on the Feldenkrais Method®.

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