Ashtanga Yoga at Santa Monica Yoga with Nancy Goodstein

Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 12:30-2:00 PM

The reputation of Ashtanga Yoga is that it’s unapproachable or extreme. Nancy’s class will replace any fear of this profound and traditional practice with joy and great respect for the genius of its method. Ashtanga practice can be safe and transformative, with its focus on the natural flow of both breath and the physical body.

Many things are revealed for a person who practices Ashtanga regularly over a long period of time. With consistent practice, the student must confront fluctuations of self-motivation, breath, mental attention, and emotional steadiness. An honest and loving relationship with the self is nurtured, and effective action is taken in finding one’s strength – both physically and mentally. When we commit to the practice, we are on a journey towards well-being and the Self.

The Monday and Friday classes will be led through the primary series in the traditional method. Wednesday’s class is Mysore style (self-paced), in which you will complete your own practice, with individual attention and instruction, while benefiting from the motivating energy of the group.

Nancy has taught for over 20 years and teaches all yoga as a form of meditation. Specificity in breath and body is underscored both for its effectiveness and for honing the mind. Nancy encourages students to work passionately whether standing in tadasana or in making their way through an Ashtanga series, and to find the humor in it. She works individually through physical adjustments and vocal encouragement, even in the group dynamic, to help each student evolve, be in the present moment, and in their body.

Santa Monica Yoga ~ 1640 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica CA ~ 310-396-4040