Teacher Training Free Info Session Just Added

Question and Answer interview with teacher trainer Nancy Goodstein:

Q: Is the teacher training program only for someone who wants to teach?

A:  The title, “Teacher Training” is a bit limiting. The course is neither cookie-cutter nor simply technical. It is a 6 month intensive from which people regularly emerge saying, "that was life-changing!” 

Q:  I imagine you spend a lot of time doing yoga, what else goes on?

A:  You learn yoga form so deeply that you become your own teacher, keeping your self both safe and pushed to your potential. You learn communication on multiple levels, giving and receiving, energetically, visually, and verbally. You learn about your boundaries, emotionally and physically -- where they bind you and where they free you.

Q: What about "deeper meaning" of yoga? 

A: You learn the basics of classical texts that are the underpinning of the philosophy of yoga, so that you can understand and benefit from your practice in ways that you may have not known you could.

Q: What if I am not "good" at the poses?

A: The poses are not yoga. The study of them is a method to doing yoga. The Yoga Sutras teach us that yoga is the stilling of the mind that we may know our true selves.

Q: So who is ready to do a "Teacher Training"?

A: If you’ve been practicing yoga regularly for at least a year we invite you to find out more. The most important thing is that you have an interest in using the science of yoga as a method for understanding yourself and the path you take in life.

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