New Schedule Starts March 4

Dear Students,

Our Spring/Summer 2013 schedule begins March 4. Click here to view the full schedule online. Printed schedules are available at the studio. Prices will remain the same.

The changes you'll notice are:


  • New teacher for Prenatal at 11:15 am - please welcome Laura Kachergus, who taught "regular" yoga for us before taking time off to have a baby! We are excited to have Laura back on the schedule.
  • Afternoon schedule is changed:
    • Mike's Community class at 12:45 (was 2:15) effective March 10
    • The Teacher Trainee $5 class at 3:45 (was 12:45) effective March 10
    • New Class! Claire Abuan will teach Pilates Level 2 at 2:30 effective March 10


  • Nathalie's 7:45 pm Level 1 Yoga class will now be a 45 minute Meditation class, effective March 4.


  • Joan will now be at 5:00 pm teaching All Levels Flow (she was at 8:15 pm)
  • Tracy Erickson has taken over the Level 1 Iyengar class at 7:30 pm
  • Welcome new teacher Grace Flowers with All Levels Flow at 8:15 pm. Grace has been receiving a great response when she subs, so we are excited to have her on the schedule!


  • Aden's 4:00 pm Power Yoga class has been cancelled. We are sorry to have to take this one off the schedule, we just didn't have enough students to keep it going (last class February 27)
  • Marti will be taking over the 6:00 pm Level 1-2 Yoga class which pairs with her Monday 6:00 pm Yoga class, effective February 20
  • Claire will be taking over the 6:00 pm Pilates class (formerly taught by Marti), which pairs with her Monday 6:00 pm Pilates class, effective February 20


  • Joan with All Levels Flow at 5:00 pm
  • Grace with All Levels Flow at 8:15 pm


  • Laura will switch her 12:00 Pilates class to a new class at 12:15 - Roll, Release & Mobilize. This new class will focus on working with the foam roller and other props to release and mobilize the muscles and joints. Effective March 8


  • Daniel's 10:45 am class is now Level 2-3 (was All Levels). Don't be afraid, it's the same class... this new designation just more accurately reflects the level of the class as it is
  • Andrea's 1:00 pm Level 1/Gentle class has been cancelled. The removal of this class will allow us to schedule more Saturday workshops (last class March 2)





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