Schedule Changes Effective June 15

For the schedule continuing through September 3, the following changes are effective June 15:

  • Sunday 7:45 am Level 1-2/Guided Meditation and Yoga with Deborah Raoult
  • 8:00 am Level 1-2 w/Meditation with Nathalie Canessa
  • Tuesday/Thursday 6:00 pm Level 1-2 with Luke Ketterhagen
  • Level 1-2/Deep Flow with Allison McCready
  • Tuesday/Thursday 6:30 pm All Levels Flow with Daniel Stewart
  • All Levels with Luke Ketterhagen

A note about these changes…

I know many of you are passionate about the teachers and classes you attend - and you want them to stay the same! However, when factors including attendance and instructor availability present the need for a change, I try to make decisions that I think are right for the studio and schedule overall. If you have a concern and want more detailed information about my decision-making process, please feel free to contact me.

I have made schedule updates for our online schedule. Watch for revised printed schedules at the studio soon.

Thank you for your support,


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