A message from Mary Donovan

Namaste wild and wonderful students, and Happy Solstice!

As many of you know, Northern California has now become my official home-base. Nathalie Canessa is now teaching in my old time slot Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 9:00 am. I hope that your yoga practice continues and grows with her or with one of the other gifted, soulful teachers who are part of the Santa Monica Yoga community.

It is so lovely here and I know that all the seeds of love we have planted together and the opportunity to witness your awesome commitment and growth has helped lead me here to more fully living my own practice in this magical place.

I am considering teaching a Fall Equinox Celebration (probably on a Sunday afternoon, maybe September 19), with chanting and yoga, and steeped in heart-intention. Please let Bruce know if you are interested so I can start organizing. It would be great to see you all if it works out.

A friend send this to me, and I wanted to share it with you:

May kindness be yours when you wake
And may we all have the courage
To walk in this world empty-handed
Heart upturned towards the sun.

Shine on friends!


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