Meet Joan Shure

In December, Zan Dubin Scott talks to SMY teacher Joan Uemura Shure.  Joan teaches Candlelight Flow Yoga every Tuesday and Thursday night at 8:15 pm.

Describe the kind of yoga you teach. 

Flow, with music and candlelight. I like to encourage my students to feel what is going in their bodies, to find space and length, with gentle reminders to come back to their breath and the moment. I also do body work, so I am very hands on. Sometimes I’ll throw some reflexology or aromatherapy into the mix during savasana

Who is your most influential teacher and why?

Nancy Goodstein. Learning ashtanga after doing flow and power yoga for many years has been very beneficial for my personal practice and my role as an instructor. She has taught me to find the flow inside the structure.

I will also be forever grateful to my first teacher, Bryan Kest 

How did you get into yoga?

A friend brought me to my first class, and I was hooked from that day forward.

How long have you been practicing?

Since 1999.

Why do you teach yoga?

Yoga completely changed my life for the better. Since my first class I have been a yoga cheerleader: taking friends to classes, recommending teachers and touting the marvelous effects. Sharing it has been the most natural and fulfilling thing to me.

What do you hope to impart to students?

Awareness, clarity, self love, compassion, and the gift of being in the moment. (and of course the obvious physical benefits) 

What’s your favorite asana?

Trikonasana. In it, I feel grounded and free at the same time.

What’s your favorite asana to teach?


Why do you teach at Santa Monica Yoga?

I love Santa Monica Yoga. It has a great neighborhood vibe and it’s a great reflection of Bruce. Because he’s so grounded, he attracts down-to-earth people. That’s one of the reasons it’s such a pleasure to teach and practice at SMY.

What’s your favorite quote?

“Know thyself.”

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Pizza. Duran Duran. Preferably at the same time, while dancing!

Please visit Joan's Facebook page or check out her jewelry line, Om Butterfly, here.

Santa Monica Yoga ~ 1640 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica CA ~ 310-396-4040