Kaiut Yoga


Kaiut Yoga, developed in Brazil by founder Francisco Kaiut, and now taught in the Los Angeles area for the first time, focuses on biomechanical health (freedom of movement). It was designed to work through chronic pain and injuries, general aches and stiffness, and for the inflexible, hyper flexible and the aging body-- even those who “hate yoga.”

Kaiut Yoga works from the joints not the muscles, thus revealing the cause and not just the symptom. It has a dramatic impact in countering the harmful effects of modern living – where we sit much of the day – as well as the impact of habitual movement patterns such as running, playing a sport for years, and compensating behavior to avoid further pain or injuries.

Most of the asanas are performed on the floor or against a wall, using gravity and props to help relax the system and reveal restrictions in the joints. The asanas are taught in an intelligent, progressive variety of sequences developed by Francisco over the past twenty years (and continually being modified/improved).  Individual guidance and adjustments are made throughout the class for all body types and conditions. There is no “perfect pose” expected or possible. Kaiut Yoga is focused on long-term health, not short-term results. It’s about returning the body to its optimal state of health and mobility.

Santa Monica Yoga ~ 1640 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica CA ~ 310-396-4040